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Protection Design and Consulting is a fire protection planning, design and consulting group offering state of the art expertise to and in partnership with our clients.  Our specialized services address the needs of today's architects, building owners and contractors seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of the myriad codes and standards that are used and enforced nationwide.  Our work is tailored to every phase of the built environment including conceptual planning, design and construction documents, construction administration, commissioning and acceptance testing, as well as ongoing ownership and management after construction.

As building and fire codes evolve, so do the needs of our clients – fire protection and life safety are now integral elements of the prescriptive codes and the practice of simply deferring the planning and design of fire protection systems to a design/build contractor is neither adequate nor prudent. Protection Design was founded on the premise that a detailed and performance-based fire protection plan not only adds quality and value to the project, but will actually lower the costs of construction and ownership. And as the code and our clients’ needs have grown, so has our portfolio of professional services.


We have developed four categories of service - building system design, site fire protection planning and design, code consulting and on-site services. Each of these packages addresses specific challenges in the built environment. From the earliest stages of conceptual design to the ongoing demands of property management and maintenance, Protection Design is your strategic partner in fire and life safety programming.

Protection Design and Consulting is SBE and SLBE certified.

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