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Technical Reporting :


Evaluate proposed occupancies for adequacy of existing fire sprinkler and accessory systems.  Classify commodities and hazards, prescribe specific improvements as required.


Basis of Design:


Develop basis of design criteria for building fire protection systems and related elements. Prepare narrative summary of required building and accessory systems and design criteria based on occupancy/hazard control method.  Co-ordinate work of related disciplines.


Code Interpretation and Application:

Research and interpret Building Codes, Fire Codes and National Standards for application to the design, construction,  and operation of buildings, facilities and hazardous processes.


Design Development:

Analyze building and process designs for code compliance.  Identify fire protection and life safety issues, develop solutions and alternatives and co-ordinate resolutions.

Fire Protection Plan and Contractor Submittal Review:

Review non-structural plans for conformance to fire and

life-safety codes and standards, design criteria, contract

documents, specified materials, finishes and standard-of-care.

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