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Fire Department Access and Fire Flow Calculations:


Coordinate fire department access with project designers for buildings and sites.  Layout and planning of fire lanes for apparatus access, building access for fire fighters and fire flow requirements for buildings.


Fire Hydrant Placement and Design:


Based on required fire flow, determine requirements for number of, type and arrangement of fire hydrants for buildings and campuses.  Consult with serving fire department and acquire approval for access and hydrants for public projects where approval by serving local fire authority is required for submittal. Evaluate adequacy or deficiencies of existing infrastructure.


Private On-Site Fire Main Design:


Preparation of construction documents for private fire improvements.  Type, number of and layout of required backflow assemblies, hydrants, fire department inlet connections, post indicator and section gate valves and piping.  Compile submittal documents for water and fire agency approval, including details of construction, trenching, thrust restraint and service entry for building fire suppression systems.  Furnish material specifications and verify contractor conformance to approved documents.





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