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Fire Sprinkler + Standpipe System Design


State of the Art Revit and BIM:


Protection Design is one of the only service providers who offer complete Revit-based fire protection system design, 3D modeling and co-ordination for fire protection systems.  With Educational, Institutional and Government clients now mandating construction documents sourced in Revit, our comprehensive library of fire protection content and drafting capabilities make Protection Design the industry leader for design solutions in all occupancies and building types.



Construction Documents:


Preparation of plans and material specifications for approval, bidding and construction of fire suppression systems for high rise, commercial, industrial, educational, institutional and residential occupancies and specialized hazards.  Coordination and design of accessory systems and details of construction for standpipe and combined sprinkler/standpipe systems, fire pumps and water storage tanks.


Fire Protection Planning:


Furnish layout and co-ordination of fire protection infrastructure and building system planning for specific occupancies.  Assess and program conformance to applicable codes, risk management programming and insurance requirements and coordinate competing requirements with proposed project design.


System Design Analysis:


Undertake hydraulic design and analysis utilizing computer modeling to substantiate the basis of design for building and underground fire protection systems.


Performance Evaluation:


Identify client needs and available fire protection capabilities to develop a systematic and efficient approach to business and property protection.  Evaluate and furnish alternative means and methods to assure cost effective system installation and operation.  Prepare design narrative or basis of design reports to substantiate adequacy of protection.


Fire Protection System Performance Specification:


Establish fire system design criteria for proposed occupancies and processes.  Develop performance specifications and Standards of Care for all contractor-furnished materials and labor.


Project Coordination and Construction Management:


Coordinate work with policies, procedures and requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.  Review submittals and proposed changes by installing contractors.  Perform progress and final acceptance inspections and document that work in place confirms to approved plans and project standards.

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